April 2015  
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Dear parents 

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Insurance For Chromebooks is Always an Option  

If you do not have insurance on your chromebook now and would like to have insurance on it please bring your chromebook to Mrs. Morell in the media center and let her inspect it.  If your chromebook is not damaged you may purchase insurance. The cost of the insurance is still $25.00.

Februray 13th, Leslie Jolman and Pedro Cisneros from Baker College's financial aid department came to help our seniors fill out their FAFSA.  Many of our seniors participated in this event and some even completed their FAFSA that day.  If students still need assistance in filling out their FAFSA both Pedro and Leslie invited our students to come down and see them at Baker College.  Students do not have to be attending Baker to receive FAFSA help.  

It is a tradition at Hart High School to pay class dues.  Dues are used to fund prom, graduation, and other class sponsored activities.  These activities can cost nearly $200 dollars, but class dues keep the cost of these activities near $60.00.  Each student needs to pay their dues in order to attend prom or walk at graduation. Paying each year keeps students from having to pay all dues to attend prom.  You can pay dues all at once or over the course of three years.   Each student needs to pay $60.00 total or $20.00/year. Students can turn dues into Mrs. Weesies, Room 15, and will receive a receipt with their payments.

Need help with your homework? Join Ms. Kaminski in Homework Club. We meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the Media Center until 4:30.
Hart High is proud to announce the launch of the Pirate LINKS program.  We are empowering students with disabilities to have a more natural high school experience by linking them up with peer supports each hour. This fosters independence and social growth in our students with disabilities, and responsibility and an appreciation for diversity in their peer links.
-Ms. Kelly Olson, Teacher



Matthew McDonald, Principal